How Green Celebrities Helped Save Our Planet This Summer

Don’t get us wrong — we’re fully aware that a plethora of celebs took pauses for causes this summer. There were Myanmar fundraisers, stars entertaining the troops, Miley Cyrus helping children and the Jonas Brothers working for diabetes. Even Leonard Nimoy championed thin-challenged women with a book of his photographic collection called “Full Body Project.”

While Spock was lending his support to the fleshiest, who was helping save the environment?

Harrison Ford whipped in to Oceana‘s SeaChange Summer Party where, he and actor Sam Waterson were honored for their conservation efforts. The evening’s event raised a cool million, and played host to Ford’s longtime gal pal Calista Flockhart, eternal Annie Hall-turned L’Oreal model Diane Keaton, Jurassic Jeff Goldblum (whose new flick “Adam Resurrected” just wowed at the Telluride Film Festival), Diane “Unfaithful” Lane and “My Name is Earl” Daddy Beau Bridges.

sigourney weaver at wall-e premier in los angeles

Ford, fresh off his “Indiana Jones” blockbuster, was joined by sustainability entrepreneur John Picard and Oceana board member Ted Danson, who divulged to Variety that 70% of the world’s fisheries are on the brink of collapse.

Danson, who’s heading to HBO in the new show “Bored to Death,” also cites seafood contamination as an Oceana concern: “One out of every six women of childbearing years has too much mercury in her system to safely give birth to a child without the possibility of neurological damage.” Scarier than a Sci-Fi horror tale.

Sci-Fi queen Sigourney “Leave her alone, bitch!” Weaver emceed a New York City Audubon Society lunch honoring Bette Midler. Each year, Midler throws a Hulaween bash in support of the New York Restoration Project.

Weaver, who voiced the space resort’s omnipotent computer in the summer smash “WALL-E,” told the UK Mirror: “[The movie] is very entertaining but it does have this important message to us Earthlings, that not only MUST we do something but we CAN do something about the fate of the planet. Everyone should see it — it’s not just for kids.”

Weaver calls President George W. Bush‘s environmental record a disgrace and says, “Thank God we are getting a new administration… but it will be a challenging job for whoever takes over. I hope it will be President [Barack] Obama. We must work together and be part of a global approach.”

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