New LEED Registered Projects Will Use LEED v3

The LEED green building certification program’s greatest strength lies in its consensus-based, transparent, ongoing development cycle. The next version of LEED is here! On April 27, 2009, USGBC launched LEED v3. The ability to be flexible allows LEED to evolve, taking advantage of new technologies and advancements in building science while prioritizing energy efficiency and CO2 emissions reductions.

Education, resources and tools: USGBC remains your source
» Education: The LEED core curriculum is responding to the new version of LEED and helping professionals prepare for the LEED professional credentials.
» LEED v3 webcasts: USGBC members are invited to join us live for a series of free weekly webcasts on LEED v3. Members will also have the opportunity to ask questions during these live online sessions.
» Reference guides: LEED 2009 reference guides are now available.
» Learn how LEED v3 and GBCI’s new credentials will affect you.

Posted: 2009-06-25 16:41:59

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