Eco-Beat, 10/2

Is Michelle Obama engaged in a hideous plot to teach children that veggies don’t grow at the supermarket? Need some recession-friendly fall decorating ideas, courtesy of mother nature? Will you take your EV for a cruise on the electric highway? Today’s Eco-Beat has the scoop on all the latest green news and tips.

Michelle Obama, credit: Jeff Swensen, Getty ImagesMichelle Obama Live On Sesame Street
Did you miss the First Lady’s appearance on Sesame Street? Yeah, so did everybody else who’s lucky enough to be gainfully employed these days. Thankfully, you can watch Michelle’s enlightening gardening tips (aka commie food witchcraft) at your leisure on the interweb.
fall decorations, credit: Andrea R, FlickrFall Decorations You Can Literally Scoop Up for Free
These days, decorating your abode with flowers you picked out of the field next across the street isn’t cheap — it’s sustainable. CasaSugar has a ton of ideas to help you steal designs (don’t worry they’re public domain) from mother nature and enhance your home’s aesthetic.
Beijin parade, credit: Frederic M Brown, Getty ImagesChina Masters the Art of Cloud Seeding
Using what they learned during the Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese officials sprayed a cocktail of miraculous chemicals into the sky to ensure that their parade — celebrating 60 years of communist rule — didn’t get rained-out on Thursday.
Tesla Roadster, credit: green.autoblog.comCalifornia’s Highway 101 Goes Electric
For the next few weeks, those lucky enough (and wealthy enough) to drive a Tesla Roadster will get to charge up for free at stations between LA and San Francisco. Eventually, Solarcity will equip the stations with universal chargers for all e-cars to “fill up” for a fee.
Wyclef Jean, credit: Michael Loccisano, Getty ImagesWyclef Jean Launches “Earthkeeping” Campaign
Timberland has hooked up with Wyclef to launch one of those campaigns that blend music, commercialism and environmental activism. As part of the campaign, Wyclef will host a series of urban greening events, then head to Haiti to build a tree nursery with his nonprofit Yéle.

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Author:Josh Loposer