Eco-Beat, 10/6

Are houseboats the next big thing in coastal architecture? Did anybody get a free sample of Heather Mills’ vegan treats in the Bronx yesterday? Who’s side are you on in the Beer Wars: the Rebel Micro-Brewers or the Imperial Beer Forces? Today’s Eco-Beat has the scoop on all the latest green news and tips.

Floaihouse, credit: Morhphosis ArchitectsBrad Pitt’s Make it Right Debuts Floating House
Yesterday, Make it Right unveiled their latest bouyant creation in the NOLA rebuilding effort. Part boat, part house, it’s designed by Morphosis Architects to roll with whatever the rising tide brings in. Don’t worry about floating away, it’s anchored by two 12′ tall anchor posts.
Heather Mills, credit: Tim Whitby, Getty ImagesHeather Mills VBites the Big Apple
The former McCartney mistress opened the doors to the very first US location of her popular vegan restaurant chain VBites in the Bronx yesterday. Mills could be seen handing out free samples to the neighborhood kiddies. Ahh, isn’t that nice.
caulk man, credit: Mtsofan, FlickrTop 5 Green Home Myths
Do you have a pie-in-the-sky master plan to revolutionize your home’s energy use, you’re just waiting to win the lottery so you can get started? You can make improvements in almost every aspect of your home’s footprint without making a huge impact on your wallet.
Beer Wars poster, credit: Beerwarsmovie.comBeer Wars Movie: Battle of the Microbrews
Beer connoisseurs, you’ve probably noticed that the diversity on the beer aisle has been skyrocketing. Local, organic, and sometimes even renewably-powered micro brews have been winning the uphill battle into the nation’s alcohol-stream. “Beer Wars” is their story.
Biomega Boston, credit: Biomega.dkFinally, A Theft-Proof Folding Bike
Until now, an urban cyclist’s best hope was to buy a cheap frame, get a degree from Bike Lock University, and cross their fingers. Now, Biomega has unveiled the revolutionary Boston Bike, which has a lock integrated into its folding frame. Awesome.

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Author:Josh Loposer