Eco-Beat, 10/7

Why are giant angry chickens massing outside Jay Leno’s studio? Want to keep up with Alicia Silverstone’s “groovy” green finds? Are you a member of the subversive, underground Law Reform Coalition? Today’s Eco-Beat has the scoop on all the latest green news and tips.

PETA protesting Jay Leno, credit: Mark Ralston, Getty ImagesPETA Protesters in Chicken Costumes Target Jay Leno
Protesters targeting Jay Leno? The same Jay Leno that instituted the Green Car Challenge? Why? PETA members donned their favorite chicken suits outside of the Leno Show’s studio this week because it supports McDonald’s … or is it the other way around?
Alicia Silversone, credit: Brad BarketSilverstone Expands Her Kind Empire with Website
Along with her upcoming book “The Kind Diet,” Alicia announced that she’ll be spreading even more kindness through a new green website Apparently, it’s designed to be a place where Alicia shares her latest fashion and skincare “groovy finds.”
carbon offsets bumper sticker, credit: @MSG, FlickrShould I Buy Carbon Offsets?
The concept of buying carbon offsets is a hotly debated moral issue for some green activists … not because of what it is, but what it represents. If you think of offsets as a contribution to a green energy project, cool. However, they don’t “erase” your eco sins.
Domokun, credit: Trick tm, FlickrLawn Reform: Yea or Nay?
A group called the Lawn Reform Coalition is trying to change the way America landscapes. Their basic practices include: eliminating broad-spectrum fertilizers and insecticides, growing longer lawns, and generally using less grass/more sustainable plants.
cafeteria lunch, credit: Bookgrl, FlickrBaltimore Schools Launch Meatless Mondays
At the urging of Paul McCartney and a host of others, the Baltimore Public School System will institute Meatless Mondays. As the first school system in the nation to join the movement, administrators are hoping to curb their footprint while promoting healthy eating.

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Author:Josh Loposer