Eco-Beat, 10/8

Will the Obama administration tackle light pollution? Will Yoko be the first one on the waiting list for a Bentley hybrid? Wanna watch Jon Stewart explain the difference between “cap and trade,” “cap’n trade,” and our favorite “crap and trade?” Today’s Eco-Beat has the scoop on all the latest green news and tips.

President Obama on the telescope, credit: Tim Sloan, Getty ImagesThe President Hosts Star Gazing Party
Last night, the White House was the scene of an off the hook star party. There were Jello shots everywhere and Journey’s greatest hits playing on the loudspeaker. I’m kidding. There were 20 telescopes and a herd of amateur astronomers. Light pollution, anyone?
Yoko Ono, credit: Chris Jackson, Getty ImagesYoko’s Hybrid Dreams Come True
Thanks in part (maybe) to Yoko’s request that automakers “make hybrid cars as comfortable as a Bentley,” now they will. Starting as early as 2011, there will be a hybrid on the market that’s not just as comfortable as a Bentley — it will be a Bentley.
Jon Stewart, credit: Jason Merritt, Getty ImagesJon Stewart Discusses “Crap and Trade”
You’ve no doubt heard about the Kerry-Boxer “cap and trade” legislation that’s stumbling its way through the Senate, but what do you know actually know about it? Well, once you’re done watching Jon Stewart’s take, you probably won’t learn anything … but you will laugh.
solar roof, credit: Coolstock, FlickrDow Unveils Solar Roofing Shingles
In the future, solar shingles will become standard equipment on your house, like central air and heat. At least, that’s what Dow Chemical is hoping. They’ve created new solar shingles that are compatible with conventional asphalt shingle roofs. Awesome!
the EcoATM, credit: EcoATMEcoATM Gives You Cash for Your Gadgets
Most gadget geeks have the same guilty pleasure: Jumping from device to device and leaving a glut of perfectly good unused gizmos in their wake. Now, there’s a ATM-ish machine that makes it easy to convert those gadget into cash … or at least recycle them.

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Author:Josh Loposer