Eco-Beat, 10/13

Why is Matt Damon on parade? Wanna share your green tips with Alicia Silverstone? What if vending machines offered farm-fresh produce instead of Skittles and Hot Fries? Today’s Eco-Beat has the scoop on all the latest green news and tips.

Matt Damon, credit: Jason Merritt, Getty ImagesMatt Damon Parades for Clean Water
OK, he didn’t actually go on a literal parade, but I’m sure he would if he thought it would bring clean water to Africa. Matt did, however, write this article for “Parade” to raise awareness for clean water efforts. Says Damon, “$25 will give someone clean water for life.”
Alicia Silverstone, credit: Bryan Bedder, Getty ImagesWanna Network with Alicia Silverstone?
Alicia’s new website will not only offer up her “groovy finds” in the way of fashion, skincare and general greenness — you’ll actually get to share some of your expert advice with Alicia on’s social networking “interactive extension.”
acai berries, credit: Breno Peck, FilckrAre Superfoods Really All They’re Cooked Up to Be?
So you’ve heard about the amazing properties of so-called “superfoods” like açai and goji, but what are the true costs of shipping these miracle foods thousands of miles from remote forests to your kitchen? Check out Treehugger’s assessment.
vending machine, credit: Salim Fadhley, FlickrFarm-Fresh Vending Machines
Get ready to take everything you know about vending machines and toss it out the window. A German company has teamed up with farmers to offer locally produced eggs, cheese, butter, sausage, etc. in vending machines. Prices stay low by cutting out the middleman. Awesome.
Warner Bros tower, credit: Jainaj, FlickrWarner Bros Studios Go Green
If you’ve ever toyed around with the idea of making a movie, you can begin to imagine the mind-numbing logistics that go into even a “low-budget” flick. Warner Bros is enlisting everyone at the studio to attack its footprint, from the producers to the actors.

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Author:Josh Loposer