Surfing Big Green Waves

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Surfers are one of the greenest and most environmentally-active groups of athletes. It probably has something to do with all of the time they spend hanging out in the water, on their self-propelled boards, waiting for waves and contemplating the environment around them. Looking out for sharks really sharpens your awareness of your surroundings!

Surfrider Foundation is the best known of the surfing environmental groups. Their strategic initiatives (yes, these surfers have strategic initiatives, so much for stereotypes) includes clean water, beach access, beach preservation and protecting special places. They celebrated their 25th anniversary this year with several events, including a beach clean-up followed by a concert, sponsored by Barefoot wines.

A lot of people still think of surfing as male sport, but Smart Girls Who Surf would like to remind us that women are awesome on the board, too. They are a small natural skincare company in California that make environmentally friendly sun protection, soaps, lotions and conditioners. They also sponsor an inspiring team of young women surfers, including world-traveler Liz Clark.

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Author:Cat Lincoln