‘Hollywood Goes Green’ at Problem-Solving Conference

Los Angeles, the land of celluloid and silicone, is quietly becoming the “it” spot for green gatherings. Last month, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hosted hundreds of the world’s environmental leaders at a two-day Global Climate Summit in Beverly Hills, where President-elect Barack Obama made a video address pledging to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. “Delay is no longer an option. Denial is no longer an acceptable response. The stakes are too high,” Obama concluded to thunderous applause.

hollywood sign

Earlier this week, Hollywood Goes Green held its second annual conference inviting entertainment, media and advertising folks to learn how to go green without ending up in the red. And our tough economic climate may account for the confab’s robust turnout; who isn’t looking for greater efficiency at lower cost?

Speakers tackled a range of topics like financing environmentally themed films, ways to incorporate green initiatives in ad campaigns, sustainable building for studios and sets, and how to go paperless. A Fox Studios session showed video of Keifer Sutherland boasting how “24” was first to become a carbon neutral production. In the coming months, Fox’s website will post a guide detailing green vendors and services to assist other productions for news, sports, film, TV and event planning.

One curious choice for a keynote speaker was General Motors Environment and Energy Communications Group Manager Dave Barthmuss, who also appears in the film, “Who Killed the Electric Car?”. In the late 1990s, GM controversially discontinued their EV1 electric car, and in subsequent years, ignored our need for alternative fuel vehicles. Adding insult, Dave’s boss, CEO Richard Wagoner, was recently slammed with deserved harsh press for taking the corporate jet to D.C. to beg for taxpayer’s bailout cash. Perhaps Dave was instrumental when Wagoner made his second desperate plea, this time driving across the four states in a black hybrid Chevy Malibu.

Making informed, responsible choices is what it’s all about. And to make that even easier, the conference organizers, iHollywood Forum, distributed a Hollywood Goes Green Handbook detailing guidelines and strategies addressed at the conference. Check their website to download the pdf.

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