G-OIL Bio-based Motor Oil Now Available

g-oil motor coil

We recently wrote about G-OIL Ultimate Biodegradable green motor oils from Green Earth Technologies, a “new automotive motor oil made with American-grown renewable animal fats….It takes three barrels of crude oil to make one barrel of motor oil, but it only takes one barrel of animal fat to produce one barrel of G-OIL.” At the time, G-OIL was available for small engines at the Home Depot, but now the company has just announced distribution for the automotive version.

Starting this month, the product is available at National Auto Stores, a family owned and operated business serving eastern Pennsylvania. G-OIL is also set to roll out to other retailers, quick lubes and online merchants in the upcoming months.

The G-OIL SAE 5W-30 motor oil passed the engine test criteria for the American Petroleum Institute (API) SM Certification, and was officially granted the API “Donut,” becoming the first bio-based motor oil to do so.

Learn more about G-OIL, and hear from the company’s president.

From Popular Mechanics: Amyris Renewable Diesel, 2008 Breakthrough Award Winner (w/ Video)

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